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Lady Diana, Lady Dior, and the Lady in You!

Others may see the price tag, but you see a priceless bag.

Ladies, the time has finally come for the thing you’ve been waiting for all year round – your Christmas bonus!

Now, what to buy?! Something luxurious that screams, "I've worked my ass off, so I deserve something special," or simply, “me likey!”

Yeah, baby! Whatever your justification is it doesn’t really matter. No rhyme or reason. It's your money after all (just as long as you’ve already set aside money for necessities and other obligations).

Here’s a lady’s bag that screams luxurious fitting for the lady in you - the iconic Lady Dior bag.

“…it is the symbol of couture elegance and refinement.”

[Lady Dior description on the Christian Dior website ]


Others may see the price tag,

but you see a priceless bag.

Lady Diana loves her Lady Dior bag. The first one she owned was actually a gift from the First Lady of France in 1995. Since then, they have been inseparable for the whole world to witness. This made Dior change the bag’s name from Chouchou, meaning pet in French, to Lady Dior, as a homage to her.

Lady Diana’s Lady Dior actually sends a strong statement. It represented her newfound freedom to lead the life that she’s always wanted. No holds barred! If you're the next proud owner of Lady Dior, what statement do you have for it?

“Only do what your heart tells you.”

- Lady Diana


Others may think it's a waste of money,

but you think it's worth every penny.

Lady Dior found its way to pop culture through series like “Sex and the City,” “Gossip Girl,” and just recently, “The Crown.” But these promotions are not the reason why Lady Dior is quite expensive. Here’s why.

Each single bag is made by numerous craftsmen working for long work-hours until perfection is achieved. Its soft, premium lambskin leather is silky smooth that gives you pleasure carrying it around. The impeccable cannage stitching, a technique dating back to the 1800’s, gives it the unmistakably Dior signature quilt pattern. The D.I.O.R. gold metal charm and hardware are elegantly polished making a great contrast against the black leather. It is a masterpiece!

Lady Dior may cost a lot of money but is it worth it? As quoted in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic, “cost and worth are very different things.” It is personal. How much value a Lady Dior bag is worth will depend on you.

“Shopping is cheaper than therapy.”

Others believe it's crazy,

but you believe it's what you deserve, exactly!

Everybody has his/her own guilty pleasure. Whether it's retail therapy, sanity-saving move, or a statement piece that will give you joy, you know you deserve that iconic bag.

The question, though, is if that bag is worth spending your hard-earned Christmas bonus on. Only you can answer that. To the next proud owner of Lady Dior, this is your bragging right – the lady in you shares at least one thing in common with a much loved and well-respected international icon, Lady Diana!

And best of all, you don’t have to be royalty to own one.




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