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We offer our consignment service for handbags, accessories, and jewelry.



Opulent is the leading authentic pre-loved luxury items in the Philippines.  We offer our customers the wide choices of brands and styles. We bring the best value within the pre-owned luxury market. With our effective merchandising and marketing, 80% of our luxury items sell within 30 days. 

Most consignment stores rely solely on eBay (where the target market consists of bargain shoppers) to sell their consigned items. Opulent targets those quality and service driven market. We focus on highly targeted online marketing to drive qualified shoppers to our online store, at the same time, our showroom provides the venue for live sellers and influencers, and direct buyers which generates valuable marketing programs to highlight our products and services.


Our merchandising and marketing programs on both online and onsite are done professionally to give our products the proper presentations which are appealing to to the targeted shoppers. We believe that good product images and write-ups are, are important tools for shoppers to make a purchase.


Selling your luxury designer items with Opulent couldn't be easier. 
We provide a simple, hassle free service for selling your pre-loved designer bags. 



Opulent must authenticate every item that is received to ensure that the items sold on the site are 100% genuine through our in-house authentication processing system.  Any bag received by Opulent will be subject to a minimal fee to cover AI authenticator in order to process the item to be authenticated. Any counterfeit items that do not pass to our quality control test will be returned to the customer, who will not be refunded. When sending items to Opulent, the first step would be for the item to go through quality control testing. Thereafter, all authentication tests will be carried out to verify whether or not the item is genuine. Any items failing either of the authenticity processes will be subject to an authentication fee. In addition to this, the seller will be required to cover the collection and return delivery expenses involved.

Only items that pass the authentication is through Opulent quality control team (who make the final decision as to whether the item is authentic)  will ultimately be sold through our website and store.


We don't simply put your product in our showroom or website.  We make sure to provide dedicated marketing support such as Facebook post and Instagram post, inclusion to live selling shows and other marketing opportunities to help the product off the shelf the soonest possible time.




For all customers who are consigning items with Opulent, you will be paid after 15 days from the date at which the buyer of your item(s) receives the item. Should that buyer choose to return the item, the transfer of funds will be cancelled and the consignment period will re-continue, subject to the return of the goods complying with all of our terms & conditions. 

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