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People invest in many different ways: stock market, gold, currencies, stock options, or valuable items like jewelries . . . and yes, bags!  Luxury bags are great investments as they are often worth a lot and their value increases over time.  When you purchase a luxury vintage handbag, you might want to use it to show it off, keep it and wait for its value to go up, or you might want to eventually sell it for a much higher price than when you originally bought it. Remember, a well-chosen luxury designer bag can last you forever and can be a valuable heirloom just like jewelries.


At Opulent, we will help you select the right pre-loved authentic luxury handbags if you’re a first time collector.  We can even offer a private tour in our showroom so you can see the widest choices of brands and designs.  If you’re already a collector, we have items that you may find worthy to add in your expanding collection.  We can even help you sell and swap your used luxury bags! 


Opulent is the leading marketplace for authentic pre-owned luxury brand products in the Philippines and offers hundreds of bags, watches & accessories by top designer brands at amazing prices.  All our items have been subjected to stringent authenticity checks and is 100% original and genuine. Each item is carefully authenticated and checked by our team of expert authenticators going through a strict quality control.

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Collecting luxury designer bags, is like gathering the beautiful accessories the world has ever seen.

Dr. Ken Tan
Opulent Luxuries, International

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